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At Fossman tailors, we are the exclusive dealers of fabrics from Caccioppoli, a top-notch Italian brand that has been in business since 1920. Plus, we have other very high-quality suppliers we have been working with forever to ensure every tailor-made shirt or suit has a good foundation.

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Variety is the spice of life and because every body is different, they don’t always fit the standard patterns used in conventional shops. The art of tailoring survives in part because we know how to take measurements in order to make the most what makes each of us different.

What we love about our profession is that we can set ourselves apart from industrially made clothes. This is why we put all our care and dedication into our designs, making each garment unique. Tailored shirts of all sorts, suits for daily wear or special occasions, waistcoats and other pieces make our day-to-day work a new creative challenge.

Ties, scarves, shoes, belts, cufflinks and other accessories to finish off the look. We have a large selection of styles, from the most classical to the more informal and modern, to add value to your style. We often forget the importance of accessories, but we believe they’re the cherry on top.

We strive to put ‘tailor-made’ within everyone’s reach. Wearing a good suit shouldn’t be just for the lucky few, which is why return customers make us so happy.